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Catalina Dec 19th 1855


We received your favor of 17th past. The “Thomas” will require a new spare rudder as we have sold the old one to the master of the “Terra Nova”, and had we not done so probably it would not answer for the new stern post of the “Thomas”.

We have the boat “Natives Pride” at St. John’s now, with about 400 qtls fish of all sorts, to purchase there with molasses, rum, corn meal & C... We have taken stock, but we are so busy receiving small lots of fish, settling acts & C... that we cannot get on very fast with making up invent. in the usual form for next year. We will have it done however as soon as we can.

The “William” has not appeared here yet, but we think we may reasonably expect her soon. On return of the “Natives Pride” from St. John’s, we will probably be sending her to Trinity for the goods remaining there.

The “Terra Nova” sailed from this on the morning of the 17th for Green’s Pond and we think as a good time to there; she had sailed before, but contrary wind occasioned her to return please state this in your next to house in Poole for the information of her owners.

Please say to Mr. Joseph Crooks in reply to his letter of 15th to writer that master and second hand for the “William” to the ice, have been engaged here for some time past and that the arrangement cannot now be altered. That he can take charge of her as master on her return from the ice, and that if he chooses he can go as a hand in the “Thomas” on her to the ice, but that we think it would be more agreeable and convenient to himself to do so in one of the Trinity vessels as usual.

Your ob’t servant Robert Slade & Co

Source: Trinity Historical Society