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Robert Slade left John Slade & Company in 1804 to establish his own business at Trinity. He bought a house and leased a mercantile premises belonging to John Jeffrey and later purchased it for £600. He later acquired additional property at Maggoty Cove and Southwest Arm. In addition he expanded to Catalina (1813), Heartís Content (1817) and Hantís Harbour (1835).

James Gover managed the Trinity branch, 1804-1809, succeeded by William Kelson, 1809-1851 and Alexander Warren Bremner, 1851-1861. Bremner, in partnership with Walter Grieve, bought out the Slade premises after they went insolvent in 1861, and therefore managed the new firm of Grieve and Bremner on the premises. After Bremnerís death, Grieve sold his interest in the firm to Bremnerís son, Robert Sweetland Bremner, who carried on under his own name until he went insolvent about 1900.

The firm with its local headquarters always at Trinity continued in the ownership of Robert Slade or his sons under the following successive styles:

(a)    Robert Slade, 1804-1822;
(b)   Slade & Kelson, 1822-1837;
(c)    Executors of Robert Slade Sr., 1837-1850;
(d)   Robert Slade & Co., 1850-1861

Although the name of William Kelson was included in the third style, he was never a partner, but he was for many years after about 1810 the agent at Trinity. It is his writing in these diaries on this virtual exhibit that you are reading. Robertís sons-in-law, Robert Slade and Thomas Arnold, managed the firm during the Slade & Kelson period. IN 1838, five years after Robert Seniorís death, his sons, Robert, Thomas and James, gained control of the firm and changed the name to the Executors of the late Robert Slade.Ē Kelson retired in 1851 and the firm was then known as Robert Slade & Co. until it went insolvent in 1861.

Printed in the newspaper was the following notice: ď20 Aug 1861 Robert Slade & Co. carrying on business in Trinity, Catalina and Hantís Hr. were declared insolvent on 4th May last, Alexander Bremner at Catalina, being the trustee, to whom, or to the managing agents at the other places, debts were to be paid.

The present bell in St. Paulís Anglican Church at Trinity was presented by Robert Slade in 1833.