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Trinity                                                   Newfoundland Nov. 19th, 1810

It is hereby agreed between William Kelson for Robert Slade Eqs. of the Town of Poole, and James Penny that he shall serve the said Robert Slade on order on board the Schooner Cosmopolite from the time she fits out for the ice next spring until the voyages are ended in the capacity of Gunner the voyages are ended and he doth also agree to do every thing else in his power for the good of the Voyage, and his said Employers interest as he shall from time to time be ordered and inconsideration of this service in all respects being well and duly performed without any hindrance or neglect, according to the true intent and meaning of this agreement, and the custom of the Fishery, he is to have as wages the sum of Four Pounds and half a mans share.

And it is hereby further agreed that a deduction equal to the then current price of a Mans pafsage home not exceeding the sum of Six Guines being made the said William Kelson for Robert Slade do hereby promise to pay the said James Penny the full Balance of his Wages in good Bills of Exchange, agreeably to the act of the 15th Geor 3rd Chapt 31.

Witnifs                                                                                      James x Penny
Josh. Burtt                                                                                       mark

Source: The Rooms, Provincial Archives MG 460 Box 32