Slade and Kelson




1.                  What class of people lived in Trinity in the 1800s?  Explain why this class of people lived there.


2.                  In what year did the trend towards centralization switch from Trinity to St. Johnís?  Why do you think this move happened?


3.                  Give a short biography of John Slade (Sr.).


4.                  What community did the Sladeís operate out of on the south eastern coast of Labrador?  Explain what happened to the plantation after the Sladeís gave up their business there.


5.                  Who was the first large scale merchant in Fogo?  What event happened to allow John Slade to start up business there?


6.                  Give a short biography of William Kelson (Sr.).


7.                  What connection did Thomas Slade have to John Slade? Explain what Thomas did during his time with John Sladeís firm.