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This activity will allow students to observe and compare the differences of classes in society past and present.

  1. Have students view photos of rural and urban communities past and present.  Discuss the differences between living in a rural community compared to a urban community.  Discuss the different classes of people in society. Ask the student to choose two people, one from upper class (past or present) and one from lower class (past or present).  Ask them to write a journal entry from each perspective describing a day in their lives.  Once completed discuss openly to compare the students' perspectives on these two classes of society.

This activity will help students understand how out migration to urban centres affects rural communities.

  1. Contact between a Merchant and his businesses in different ports around Newfoundland and Labrador was very important.  Pretend you are William Kelson Sr. in Trinity writing to Robert Slade back in England telling him that his business is not doing so well and could possibly have to close.  Include an explanation to Mr. Slade of why you think there is a down turn in business, possibly due to people moving to urban areas.


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